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Museum Events

Face to Face: Flanders, Florence, and Renaissance Painting

January 14, 2014


The Huntington Library

Canterbury and St. Albans: Treasures from Church and Cloister

February 3, 2014


The J. Paul Getty Museum

Art and Appetite: American Painting, Culture, and Cuisine

January 28, 2014


Art Institute Chicago

Inside Art: “Fallen Warrior” and the Ideals of Ancient Greece

January 16, 2014


Art Institute Chicago

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This website is produced by five first year students from Purdue University who have spent the past couple months learning about art history, evolving technologies, and how the ideal beauty is shown in art and how that has changed over time.  Our project focuses on how art has evolved throughout time due to technology and looks at what factors in society have changed the perceived ideal beauty. On this website, information about the authors, our resources used, images portraying various time periods, and a connection to Baron’s From Pencils to Pixels can be found. Also, most importantly, information on five time periods, Prehistoric, Ancient Greece, Medieval, Renaissance, and the Modern Era, are included. In this information, the history, ideal beauty, and new technologies in each period are easily laid out for viewers like you in order to allow the easiest access to information about the ideal beauty throughout time as possible. Please like us on Facebook and explore the beauty embedded in history.  


Classic Beauties Get A Shocking Photoshop Treatmen...

February 9, 2012


Visual News

The art shown on this cite is a mix of the art of the Renaissance the technology of modern time. This mixture transforms the ideal beauty of the Renai...

Assembling Brash Wholes From Scraps

November 22, 2013


The New York Times

The artist Isa Genzken takes a mixture of old art to a more modern art combining them in harmony. To read more about his art, click this link to ...

Travel to China for the Modern Art Revolution

November 14, 2013



With the introduction of contempoary art to China, art has spread like wild fire with the opening of many new musuems.  Click this link to read more

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